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Katrina Brown

Katrina Brown

Katrina Brown is Professor of Social Sciences at the new interdisciplinary Environment and Sustainability Institute. She works on environmental change and how individuals and societies understand and respond to change, and their different capacities for adaptation and transformation. She is interested in issues of resilience, vulnerability and sustainability and the different policy options for dealing with environmental change, and in the relationship between ecosystem services and human well-being. Kate recently completed an ESRC Professorial Fellowship on ‘Resilient Development in Social Ecological Systems’ (2009-2012) which addressed theoretical and conceptual understanding of resilience across the social sciences.

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Agency, Capacity and Resilience to Environmental Change

This paper examines multiple constructions of resilience in science and policy related to environmental change. It questions whether resilience has, indeed, become the new sustainability. Despite its popularity, like sustainability, resilience has many different meanings, whether it is a buzzword or a significant boundary object. Inconsistences, similarities and important omissions, including how it relates to issues of agency and capacity are discussed, developing a political ecology of resilience applied to environmental change.




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