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Guru BanavarGuruduth Banavar

Guruduth Banavar is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of IBM’s Global Public Sector. As part of IBM’s Smarter Cities initiative, Guru leads several strategic engagements around the globe in the areas of public safety, transportation, utilities, and other critical infrastructure. A recent example of his work is the City Operations Center in Rio de Janeiro, which coordinates emergency operations as well as planning and service management across thirty agencies within that city. Guru is currently serving on NY Governor Cuomo’s commission for improving New York State’s resilience to natural disasters after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Previously, Dr. Banavar was the Director of IBM Research in India, which he established as a pre-eminent center for Services Research and Mobile Computing. Prior to that, he spent ten years at IBM’s TJ Watson Research Center in New York, which he joined in 1995 after his PhD in Computer Science. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Economist, and other international media, and his awards include a National Innovation Award by the President of India for the Spoken Web project in 2009. He has authored several research papers and patents, and is an elected member of the IBM Academy of Technology.

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Resilience in Smarter Cities

In this talk, I will discuss the crucial role of information technology in managing the resilience of modern communities. Drawing upon the experience of the City of Rio de Janeiro and the State of New York after recent natural disasters, I will discuss how information management and analytics can help communities be better prepared to handle disasters, be more responsive to the needs of citizens, and recover infrastructure and services more effectively. Based on these experiences, I will propose elements of a comprehensive "Resilient Information System" to support modern communities in managing disasters.



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